Narkonna is a fourth season episode of Star Trek: The Lionhearted.

O'Rourke and Madison besiege a Nor class space station in a captured Cardassian military freighter.

Meanwhile, Tachion begins staffing the USS Camelot stardrive as its being repaired.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Seff O'Rourke *Peter Madison * Jobe * Meridian Janos * David Mitchell Bearkiller *Hank EvansJofik * Koliv * Serranus * Hetikat

Vessels[edit | edit source]

Narkonna* USS Exeter * USS Akagi * USS Khaleesi * USS Orellano * USS Bronco * USS Eowyn * USS Huey * USS Redmill * (Galaxy) * (Akira) * 2 unnamed Galor class Battlecruisers * 5 unnamed Jem'Hadar Fighters * 1 unnamed Keldon class Battlecruiser * USS Camelot

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