The 141st Tactical Wing was a Starfleet task force assigned to the Sixth Fleet during the Dominion War.

The task force was made up of twenty-three starships pulled from the Second Fleet.  The ships were split into two squadrons.

Fleet Captain, from her flagship Cooshee, oversaw the task force, but he reported to General Paghal, who led the joint Klingon/Starfleet Tactical Wing, who then reported to the Sixth Fleet's commander. 

Alpha SquadronEdit

USS Cooshee * USS Kirtland * USS Tegucigalpa * USS Stennis * USS Alcaeus * USS Perseus * USS Shieldmaiden * USS Trilpa * USS Saint * USS Lockheed * USS Magi * USS Livingston

Beta SquadronEdit

USS Karavogiannos * USS Panacea * USS Dvorak * USS Stonewall * USS Bull Run * USS Batumi * USS Akorn * USS Hippolyle * USS Aladdin * USS Ballista

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