Star Trek: The Lionhearted Wiki

Stardate is 39000

  • Abigail Harris, Tal Wegg, and Sonya Gomez enroll in Starfleet Academy.
  • Federation-Tzenkethi War begins.
  • The Cardassian Guard launches the Aberax class destroyers.
  • The Cardassian Union attacks Setlik III.  Several Starfleet vessels respond, including the Soval, Antiope, and Rutledge.  During the battle, Nikolas Stone leads an away team from the Antiope to repair a communications relay but is ambushed before repairs can be completed.  Members of the Soval's crew rescue them.
  • Seff O'Rourke kills another Kelt teenager in a duel and flees into self-imposed exile.  He ends up as a member of the Leprechaun's Lady's crew.
  • Michelle Howard becomes XO of the USS Tortuga.
  • The Cardassian armed scout Kol'gar returns from a two-year clandestine mission in Federation space.
  • George Peterson graduates from Starfleet Academy.