Star Trek: The Lionhearted Wiki
  • The Dominion almost obliterates the Seventh Fleet and gains control of the Tyra System.
  • Captain Nikolas Stone leads a seven ship task force to evacuate Starbase 314 ahead of a Dominion Fleet.  The USS Rapier and Admiral Eric Connelly are lost during the operation.  ("A Starbase Too Far")
  • Operation Return sees Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force return to the Bajoran System, regaining control of Deep Space Nine and the Bajoran wormhole.("Operation Return")
  • Due to heavy losses among the leadership of the Sixth Fleet, Nikolas Stone is promoted to Commodore and place in command of the 101st Tactical Wing, headquartered on Prophet's Landing.
  • Gedna Tachion, Stacey Decker, Seff O'Rourke and numerous other Starfleet, Klingon and other species members are found eight days after Operation Return in Dominion Prisoner of War labor camp.
  • Colonel Nekrot is given command of the IKS S'Epoh and ten more starships to reinforce the 101st Tactical Wing.
  • The USS Cairo is lost along the Neutral Zone.  A memorial service is held aboard Starbase 372.
  • The Daedalus class USS Wakefield and her crew are catapulted forward from 2166.
  • The Dominion occupies Betazed.
  • Hank Evans comes out of retirement.
  • O'Rourke and Madison devise a plan using a captured Cardassian freighter to sneak an assault force onto Geltrik Nor and seize control of the station.  ("Narkonna")
  • Bajor reforms the Bajoran Space Guard, its former space based military arm, and headquarters them at Geltrik Nor.  The Space Guard Fleet adds three Hideki class scouts and an Aberax class destroyer to its fleet from the Geltrik Shipyards.
  • First Battle of Chin'toka results in the Federation Alliance gainaing control of the strategically important system.
  • Neral rises to become the Romulan Star Empire's Praetor.
  • Vice Admiral Fujisaki, deputy head of Starfleet Intelligence, dies of food poisoning.
  • Fourteen months after being declared lost, the USS Voyager reestablishes contact with Starfleet via a Delta Quadrant races' communications network, via its Emergency Medical Hologram.  The EMH ends up aboard the hijacked USS Prometheus, and along with its EMH, takes control of the vessel from the Romulans before it crosses into the Neutral Zone.