The second episode of Star Trek: The Lionhearted's fourth season, set in 2374.

Due to the Dominion's rapid victories, Starfleet is forced to pull back to more defendable positions.  Several planets and space stations have to be evacuated quickly.  One of these is Starbase 341 and its left to Captain Nikolas Stone to secure its equipment and personnel.


Eric Connelly * Stacey Decker * Nikolas Stone * Jobe * David Mitchell * T'Para * Meridian Janos * T'rok Gensing * Thomas Reighchopps * ch'Vissik * Erica Boyd * Stacey Decker * Floyd Carlson * Kavix * Lyle Anderson * Clonox *Irel


USS Lionheart * USS Rapier * USS HueyUSS SamuraiUSS Blazer * USS Perth * USS Loki  * USS Elestan * USS Arno * USS Ishika * USS Sekong * USS Yuba


Starbase 341 * Demilitarized Zone *

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Sixth Fleet * Dominion *

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