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Akira class vessel

The Akira class was a type of heavy cruiser entering service in Starfleet during the second half of the 24th century.

Development on a new heavy cruiser under the newly issuedPerimeter Defense Directive began in 2350 at Utopia Planitia, with the goal to put a more heavily armed and maneuverable ship into the Fleet to replace the aging Ambassador class line.

Akira class shuttlebay, exterior aft view.

A secondary goal was for the class to serve in a carrier role and is able to carry a mix of 50 shuttlecraft and fighters.  The shuttlebay is an entire through the deck and was the largest ever at its time in Starfleet.  Two bays aft were for shuttles departing with a large forward area for recovery.  Due to the large number of auxiliary craft, it was determined there was no need for a captain's yacht.

A class 10/P warp core paired with type 6E8 warp nacelles propelled the heavy cruisers up to warp 9.8 for up to 12 hours.  .95c was the upper limits of its impulse speed.

It carried 3 years worth of consumables for its 500 member crew and could accommodate 55 passengers, normally fighter pilots and support personnel.

180 four people escape pods were located throughout the ship. 

Six type X phaser emitters defended the ships, along with 11 torpedo launchers.

In the early 25th century several classes had been commissioned based on its design, such as the Thunderchild, Oslo, and Zephyr.  They used modular parts that could be switched out between them.

Known Vessels[]

USS Akira * USS Black Elk * USS Mateo * USS Geronimo * USS Rabin * USS Susquehanna * USS Spector * USS Thunderchild * USS Eagle