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USS Ambassador

The Ambassador class was a type of heavy cruiser serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.


The class was meant to replace the now three-decade-old Excelsior class as well as be an overt show of force to the Tzenekthi Coalition and served as the primary heavy cruiser of the fleet from 2325, when it went into full production, through 2360 when the Galaxy class superseded it, though it still served in its original role.

In 2332 the fourth Federation Starfleet vessel to be named Enterprise was an Ambassador. The prototype began in space trials nearHellespont Station in 2319 and was commissioned three years later, with the Horatio and Gabriel joining it the next year.

USS Yamaguchi

The USS Yamaguchi was listed as destroyed at The Battle of Wolf 359, and its spaceframe was towed to a storage depot the Sol System.  A few years later Starfleet R&D decided to rebuild it with modern parts and technology, turning it into its own subclass.

The heavy cruiser later served in the Twelfth Fleet during the Dominion War.  Several more vessels would be upgraded to its new configuration.

In 2370 Starfleet Command decided to have one more Ambassador class constructed, the USS Hannibal, though it would be constructed at the newly reopened Bajoran Okana Shipyards.

Ambassadors were expected to continue serving in at least a cruiser role until 2395.

Technical Specifications[]

They normally carried a crew between 700 and 900, with room for 200 additional personnel or passengers.  In an emergency, 10,000 beings could be accommodated.  160 escape pods, each capable of holding 8 persons,  were installed aboard the heavy cruisers.

Warp 9.2 was their top speed, though they usually cruised between warp 5 and 9 with its class 8/N warp engine and 5E nacelles.

Eight type VIII Phaser Arrays, as well as forward and aft torpedo launchers capable of an eight projectile spread normally made up the classes' normal armaments.

A mixture of 10 - 15 shuttlecraft and shuttlepods were kept in its two shuttlebays.

Internal Configuration[]


Deck 1 - Bridge

Deck 2 - Conference Room

Deck 3 - Shuttle Bay 1

Deck 4 - Shuttle Bay 1

Deck 5 - Shuttle Maintenance 1

Deck 6 - Computer Core 1, Arboretum, Shuttle Maintenance 1, Transporter Rooms 1 & 2

Deck 7 - Computer Core 1, Arboretum

Deck 8 -Computer Core 1, Main Sickbay, Enlisted Mess, Gym, Arboretum

Deck 9 - Stellar Cartography, Computer Core 1

Deck 10 - Brig, Stellar Cartography, Computer Core 1

Deck 11 - Impulse Engines, Stellar Cartography, Computer Core 1

Deck 12 - Impulse Engines

Deck 13

Deck 14

Deck 15 - Computer Core 2

Deck 16 - Computer Core 2

Deck 17 - Computer Core 2

Deck 18 - Computer Core 2

Deck 19 - Shuttle Bay 2, Computer Core 2

Deck 20 - Shuttle Bay 2, Computer Core 2

Deck 21 - Shuttle Bay 2, Maine Engineering, Transporter Rooms 3 & 4

Deck 22 - Aft Crew Lounge, Shuttle Maintenance 2

Deck 23

Deck 24

Deck 25 - Aft Torpedo Launcher

Deck 26 - Aft Torpedo Launcher

Deck 27 - Aft Torpedo Launcher

Deck 28

Deck 29

Deck 30

Known Vessels[]

USS Ambassador

USS Assurance 

USS Enterprise-C 

USS Franklin 

USS Finian 

USS Gandhi

USS Gandhi

USS Mandela

USS Mowe 

USS Soval 

USS T'Shenn 

USS Valdemar 

USS Zhukov

USS Hannibal

USS Gabriel


USS Liberty 

USS Yamaguchi

USS Excalibur