Powers Boothe as Andrew Tanner

Andrew Tanner was a Human who served as a fighter pilot in the United Federation Marine Corps during the 24th century.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

He was born in 2334 on a cotton farm outside of Snyder, Texas in Earth.

After graduating Southwest State Texas University he attended Starfleet Officer Candidate School, earning a commission as aSecond Lieutenant n the United Federation Marine Corps.  He then attended Basic Flight Training at Camp Casey on Mars.

By 2372 he held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and served as the lead flight instructor at Starfleet Academy'sVenus Flight Range.

Dominion War[edit | edit source]

At the outbreak of the Dominion War, he was transferred to the USS Pizzarro to command a fighter squadron.

Seven of the fighters under his command were destroyed during Operation Return.

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