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Roselyn Sanchez as Angelica Cazzarros

Brigida Angelica Cazzarros was a Starfleet Operations Officer in the 24th century.

Early Life[]

Cazzarros was born on Solosos III in 2338 and had an older brother named Hector.

In 2357 she took her Starfleet Academy competitive exams and underwent the Preparatory Program at Campagna Station.

Starfleet Officer[]

After attending Starfleet Academy she was commissioned as an officer in Starfleet and assigned to Starbase 2 as a computer specialist.

In 2360 she transferred to the USS Mowe as Computer Systems Division Officer, just as the heavy cruiser departed on a ten-year deep space mission. During that time she was promoted to Assistant Operations Officer, as well as attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

When the Mowe returned to Federation space and docked in Spacedock, she was the senior officer left aboard when Captain Gedna Tachion briefly assumed command of the vessel for its trip to Utopia Planitia. He allowed her to handle approach and docking procedures to the yards.

After the Mowe began a comprehensive overhaul and refit period at Utopia Planitia, she attended several training courses, including Command School and later Intelligence Monitoring at the Strategic Operations Training Schoo.

USS Lionheart[]

In 2371 Tachion brought her aboard the USS Lionheart as OPSO and Second Officer.