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The Apollo class was a type of light cruiser serving in Starfleet, starting in 2325.

Apollo class

They were intended to replace the Philadelphia class light cruisers.

It was designed by Vulcan engineers, and its appearance was remarked to look Romulan by many Starfleet officers.

217 crew members filled the 148.34-meter vessel, propelling it at speeds of up to warp 9.6 and .9c.

Forward and aft type VIII phaser arrays and a 6 spread forward torpedo launcher made up its weaponry.

Convoy duty and deep space exploration support made up the majority of the class' assignments.

A secondary role was the transport of large amounts of passengers, 550, which would alternate between colonists, Marines, specialists and many others depending on the mission.

By the late 2350s, a large number of the vessels had been decommissioned.  The Vulcan National Merchant Fleet made use of the surplus by the late 2360s.

Several decommissioned fell into the hands of the Romulan Tal Shiar and Maquis.

The USS Silverstein, named for the director of Earth's Apollo space program, was the second vessel completed in 2327 at Earth'sSan Fransisco Fleet Yards, followed two months later by the Pasiphae.

The USS Moritasgus was the last ship of the class, leaving the Gavor Shipyards in 2341.

At the close of theDominion War class-wide refits were scheduled, as it had a high success rate in combat for its capabilities and the lackluster performance of the Bradbury's, though Starfleet ASDB was still tasked with creating a new light cruiser class, the Odin to replace it and the even older Miranda designs.  Upgrades were to include type VIII or IX phaser emitters, an increase of top speed to at least 9.75, and newer targetting systems, which would be tested on the Chengdai.

Known Vessels[]

USS Apollo * USS Sprinter * USS Paean * USS Fiat * USS Kingfisher * USS Shepard * USS Helios * USS Virotutis * USS Chengdai * USS Ajax * USS Agamemnon * USS Chickasaw * USS Mersey * USS Constable * USS Belenus * USS Hvidbjoren * USS Ingolf * USS Pickett * USS Moritasgus * USS Borman * USS Silverstein * USS Pasiphae * USS Eos * USS Thesan * USS Aurora * USS Zorya * USS Astara * USS Ashur * USS Quaraci * USS Guarci * USS Ribhus * USS Tiwaz * USS Utu * USS Oazbog * USS Mages * USS Nanahuatzin * USS Shahar