Arax Papaub was a Tellarite Starfleet Officer serving during the 24th century.

He was somewhat shorter than the average of his species.

He had a prickly, bearish demeanor which junior officers found intimidating, but after time they saw through it as a front for his wish he wasn't the lone Tellarite serving aboard Discovery.

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Nebula Class Development Project

After graduating from Starfleet Academy, he was assigned to Utopia Planitia on the build of a new starship, the USS Discovery.  He was part of the team responsible for the construction of her hull.

After construction was completed, he gained a position as a junior engineer and later rose to Chief Engineer.

During the Battle of Po Ucan IV, he assumed command of the Discovery after communications with the bridge were lost.  He reconfigured two stations in Engineering to serve as Conn and Tactical and destroyed a Cardassian frigate as the heavy cruiser left the battle.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions.

He was offered the Executive Officer position on the USS Yamato but turned it down to serve as second in command aboard the Discovery.

He was still serving aboard the Discovery during the Dominion War.  Many thought it was due to his loyalty to the ship he helped build, but in truth, it was due to a report from Counselor Elbrun about his hatred towards Cardassians, which kept him from a command of his own.

LUG Trek StatsEdit


Administration 2

Starship 3

Athletics 1

Running 2

Command 2

Starship 4

Computer 1

Programming 3

Culture 1

Tellarite 2

Dodge 1

History 1

Federation 2
Tellarite 2


Federation Standard 1
Tellartie 2

Law 2

Starfleet Regulations 4

Material Engineering 2

Metallurgical 5

Personal Equipment 2

Tricorder 2

Planetside Survival 1

Jungle 2

Security 2

Security Systems 4

Shipboard Systems 1

Command 3
Operations 2
Tactical 3

Starship Tactics 2

Cardassian 4
Romulan 3
Starfleet 3

Systems Engineering 2

Tactical 3

Vehicle Operations 1

Shuttlecraft 3


Argumentative -1

Commendation (Medal of Honor) +4

Department Head (Executive Officer) +3

Enhanced Vision +2

Promotion (Lieutenant Commander) +3

Tactical Genius +3

Vengeful (Cardassians) -2

Zero-G Intolerance -2

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