Idros Elba as Arok

Arok was a Vulcan serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

By 2373 he held the rank of Lieutenant Commander, serving as Second Officer and Chief of Security aboard the USS Brazen.

He was one of nine survivors when the ship was destroyed during the Battle of Tyra and was incarcerated in a Dominion Prisoner of War Camp for several months.  ("Familiar Faces")

He would later go on to serve in the same positions when Gedna Tachion assumed command of the USS Camelot.

On stardate 51905.4 he led an away team to Perdition to rescue members of a Starfleet starship and Klingon battlecruiser that were stranded on the moon.  ("Perdition's Flames")

Having stated he had no interest in Command, he transferred to the USS Gorkon as Second Officer and Chief of Security in 2378.

In 2380 he was promoted to Commander.

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