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The Bajoran Space Guard was the spacefaring military arm of the Third Bajoran Republic.

It was left in shambles during the initial days of the Cardassian Occupation.  Shortly after Operation Return, when Bajor could no longer pretend neutrality during the Dominion War, the Space Guard was reformed.

Its first operation was the siege of Geltrik Nor.

After the war, the Romulan Star Navy hospital on Derna and the 101st Tactical Wing's headquarters facilities on Prophet's Landing were turned over.

On stardate, Starfleet brokered a deal with the Space Guard to trade Deep Space Nine for the USS Hathaway and USS Tripoli, as well as engineering support for the construction of a space station to be named Bajoran Orbital.

Off Planet Facilities[]

Derna - hospital and training facility

Baraddo - monitoring facility and fighter base

Prophet's Landing -

Deep Space Nine - Starfleet liaison detachment and a pair of search and rescue craft

Bajoran Orbital - orbital defense, docking and control facility

Geltrik Nor - space station and shipyard