The Bradbury class was a type of light cruiser that began serving in Starfleet during the early 2370s.

It was intended to replace the aging Apollo class.

The prototype was still undergoing warp trials in the 2366.

Heavily armed, it boasted 2 type X phaser arrays and four type IX, as well as 6 torpedo launchers.

They boasted large shuttlebays, capable of carrying 15 full size shuttlecraft as well as a captain's yacht.

Only 13 vessels were commissioned, as newer designs and experiences in the Dominion War drove Starfleet to focus on other designs.

After the Dominion War the class was redesignated as a heavy frigate.

Known VesselsEdit

USS Bradbury * USS Charthev * USS Twarel * USS Tolkein * USS Joyce * USS Grigni * USS Damara * USS Horatio * USS Hornblower * USS Horizon * USS Groves * USS Spinoza * USS Agnew

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