Breff was a Bolian enlisted Security Guard serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

In 2371 he was part of a Special Counterintelligence Unit led by Commander Doleo and assembled to investigate an assassination attempt on Fleet Captain Eliot Fanon on Inu Tonstu.  Prior to being assigned to the unit he served on a Rapid Resonse Team.  ("Horse Trading")

During the Battle of Psellus he was part of a three shuttle mission to reinforce the rebels in the Psellus' Swamps.  The type-6 shuttles carried eighteen security personnel from various ships under Fleet Captain Fanon's command.  They successfully pierced the Romulan lines with no loss of life and linked up with the rebels in time to storm the Psellian capitol.  ("Armistice Part II")

All 24 members were awarded the Kragite Order of Heroism, though nine were posthumous.

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