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Colbie Smulders as Brianna Mattics

Brianna Mattics was a Starfleet Officer serving in the 24th century.

By 2365 she was serving aboard the USS Armstrong in the Navigation Department. While serving aboard the vessel she cross trained in Operations, Science and Environmental division.

In early 2371 she was part of the team that rescued Captain Peter Madison from a world on the Cardassian side of the Demilitiarized Zone. Afterwards she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. ("Bailout")

Later that year she was aboard the USS Himori when it arrived to take command of the task force forming at the edge of the Pselus System. Fleet Captain Eliot Fanon sent her to the USS Lionheart to serve as Lieutenant Commander Nikolas Stone's XO for the Battle of Pselus. ("Armistice Part II")

Dominion War[]


By the time the war with the Dominion broke out Mattics was a Commander assigned to Starfleet's Special Operations Department.

In 2374 she was part of a special mission in conjunction with theDepartment of Temporal Affairs to return the USS Wakefield to the year2166 to be destroyed. ("Museum Piece")

She retired from Starfleet in 2382 and settled on Denobula.

In 2393 she was killed in a house fire that investigators ruled as accidental.