A cadet cruise was a training evolution for Starfleet cadets where they served aboard a Starfleet starship or facility for a period of time with closely supervised duties and expected to perform as if they were a member of the crew.

They could last for weeks\, months and on some occasions in excess of a year.  Though in the latter case a commission at its completion vice returning to the Academy as a cadet was the standard.

Traditionally a cadet cruise was undertaken during a cadet's third year at the Academy and lasted 2 to 5 months.

The USS Republic was a training vessel used for short training periods in the Sol System.  ("Cairo")

Cadet CruisesEdit

Gedna Tachion 2335 - USS Stargazer

Patricia Rivers - 2335 - USS Repulse

Roger Diect - 2340 - USS Finian

Abigail Harris - 2365 - USS Odin

Michael Garrett - 2366 - USS Malawi

Mala Corwin - 2369 - Saturn Station One

Spencer Stone -2369 - Memory Alpha

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