The 101st Tactical Wing was a unit assigned to the Sixth Fleet during the Dominion War.

Until Operation Return it was commanded by Rear Admiral Clonox aboard the USS Jefferson when the ship was destroyed.

Commodore Nikolas Stone assumed command and headquartered the wing at Prophet's Landing with the USS Camelot stardrive as the new flagship.

Ship Assignments at the start of the Dominion War:Edit

Freedom Wing OneEdit

USS Jefferson - flagship

USS Concord

USS Lincoln

USS Boston

USS Afridi

Heavy Cruiser Wing Edit

USS Phoenix

USS Camelot

USS Bremerton

USS Gandhi

Cruiser Wing TwoEdit

USS Gideon

USS Malinche

USS Onizuka

USS Crazy Horse

USS Taurus

Light Cruiser Wing TwoEdit

USS Horatio

USS Grant


USS Musketeer

USS Starquest

Frigate WingEdit

USS Matsue

USS Orellano

USS Guisarme

Escort Wing TwoEdit

USS Lionheart

USS Rapier

USS Sohar

USS Seleya

USS Kligat

Scout WingEdit

USS Lonestar

USS Jagermeister

USS Knox

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