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James Earl Jones as Cedric Harris

Cedric Harris was a Command Officer serving in Starfleet during the 24th century. 

Over a forty-year career, he served in both the science and command divisions on a dozen starships, commanding the Antiope and the Lonestar.

In his younger days, he was a golden glove boxer and competed while attending Starfleet Academy and later as an officer.

In 2352 he was part of a boxing tournament on Rigel IV.

Starfleet OfficerEdit

He was originally an astrophysicist, serving aboard a variety of science vessels, including the USS Lippman.

USS Stargazer

USS Antiope

For almost thirty years he sat in the center seat of the deep space explorer Antiope, pushing the boundaries of explored space, making contact with new civilizations, and charting previously unknown areas of the galaxy.

Nikolas Stone served under him in as Assistant Operations Officer, and Harris, in turn, would later serve under him in the 101st Tactical Wing. Both ship and commander retired after many successful missions in 2368.



Harris in retirement

During retirement, he grew his hair out, raised horses, and occasionally worked as a freelance consultant for civilian agencies and companies.

He was also part of a Mongolian Horde reenactment group.

Return to DutyEdit

USS Equinox

USS Lonestar

He returned to Starfleet in July of 2373 to assume command of the USS Lonestar in preparation for the Dominion War.  He oversaw its final construction and launch from the San Fransisco Fleet Yards.

He served as the 101st Tactical Wing's Scout Wing commander in the Sixth Fleet.

During the Dominion War, he was involved in several engagements, such as the Raid on the Toros III Shipyards, Operation Return and the liberation of the Hekiss POW Camp.

After the war, the Lonestar was assigned to the Federation-Breen border for patrol and reconnaissance duty.

In late 2377 he retired once again, turning the Lonestar over to his XO, Jobe.

Personal LifeEdit

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