Centaur class vessel

The Centaur class was a type of destroyer in service to Starfleet in the 24th century.

Designers used several technologies based on the Excelsior class in its makeup as well as expanding on the various upgrades of the Miranda class over its lifespan.

The prototype was commissioned in 2335, 381 meters in length weighing in at over 870,000 metric tons.

Several class wide upgrades were performed over its service history, the last large-scale one involving a 3-year structural refit beginning in 2360 for some vessels.

They could hold warp 9.6 for 12 hours, and impulse speeds of .95c.

They carried a 315 person crew and 50 passengers, with the capacity for 3,000 if circumstances required.

Thunderchild class full fire by euderion-d2md7yr
By 2373 three type IX phaser arrays and a pair of photon torpedo launchers made up its armaments.

Eight shuttlecraft and four shuttlepods made up its normal auxiliary craft, but some carried fighter craft instead.

They were to be slowly phased out by the Andromeda and Norway classes, but the Dominion War instead found them on the frontlines.  Ship losses during the war saw the class being kept from decommissioning for an extra two decades.

Known VesselsEdit

USS Centaur * USS Liberty * USS Thessalonica * USS Medusa * USS Yeti * USS Unicorn * USS Dragon * USS Brazen * USS Mermaid * USS Gremlin * USS Minotuar * USS Goblin * USS Kraken * USS Cyclops * USS Pixie * USS Cooshee * USS Djinn * USS Troll

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