Ch'venahil was an Andorian Starfleet Officer serving during the 24th century.

While a soft-spoken chan, he was considered a mathematical genius and a brilliant tactician.  

Upon becoming head of Starfleet Intelligence, he felt that not enough was don't o safeguard the security of the Federation. Citing incidents such as the Borg Invasion of 2366, the Klingon Civil War and the thwarted Romulan Invasion of Vulcan as signs pointing to a weak Federation in their enemies' views, he pushed for more aggressive fleet deployments and a short time for weapons technology integration from testing to implementation.

In wake of Starfleet members defecting to the Maquis in large numbers, he dusted off an older operation where SI would have at least one undercover agent on each Starfleet vessel and installations.

He was present in the meeting to discuss negotiating for Emerson Ames release and swore to the President Jaeresh-Inyo that the former Starfleet Officer was not an agent of Starfleet Intelligence.("Aiding & Abetting")

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