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Challenger class

The Challenger class was a light crusier design used by Starfleet in the 24th century.

Launched in 2345, many of its design elements would be used in the Nebula and Galaxy class heavy cruiser lines.

Many Starfleet commanders disliked the vessels, saying they were too underpowered for a light crusier.  

Thye were normally assigned patrol duties and short-range exploration missions.

The first Borg incident, hostilities with the Klingon in 2372, the Dominion War, Challengers were on the frontline of the Federation's 24th century conflicts.

212 crew members normally served aboard them, with room for 80 passengers.  In an emergency, room could be amde to hold 2,750 among its eight decks.

A pair of over and under type 5D warp nacelles and a class 7/M warp drive could propel the light crusiers at warp 9.1 for eight hours, though normal cruising speed was warp five.

A pair of type VII phaser arrays, as well forward and aft photon topedo launchers with a magaziene of 100 type II photon torpdoes made up its offensive capabilities.

They normally carried six shuttles and three shuttlepods.

​Known Vessels[]

USS Challenger

USS Armstrong

USS Ashanti

USS Buran

USS Edinburgh

USS Frauenlob

USS Kearsage

USS Marco Polo

USS Midway

USS Neptune

USS Veliko