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Cheyenne class cruiser

The Cheyenne class was a type of deep space exploratory cruiser used by Starfleet in the second half of the 24th century.

The prototype was launched from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2356.

In addition to deep space exploration, which it was equipped to deploy for over two years without resupply, high-speed courier duty, escort and patrol duties were often performed. 

They carried a crew of 350, with room for 75 passengers, though a total 3,750 could be held among its 20 decks in emergency situations.

Four type 6B nacelles along with a class 10/P warp drive could propel the vessel at warp 9.6 for ten hours using only two nacelles.  Normal cruising speed was warp six.

Forward and aft torpedo launchers, as well as six type IX phaser arrays typically made up the cruisers' armaments.

Four shuttlecraft were normally carried aboard in addition to aCaptain's Yacht.

During theDominion War, its speed an offensive power were well suited to quick reaction force duties.  They performed regular cruiser duties adequately, serving alongside counterparts such as the Zodiac and Niagara classes.

After the war, Starfleet officers wishing to get back to more exploration missions pushed for additional ships of the classes.

A planned upgrade for 2380 would see type X phaser arrays and quantum torpedoes added to its offensive capabilities, and an increase in crew size to around 400.

Known Vessels[]

USS Cheyenne

USS Ahwahnee

USS Catawba

USS Cherokee

USS Commanche

USS Hokoleskwa

USS Iroquois

USS Miwok

USS Mohican

USS Oglala

USS Paiute

USS Periyar

USS Potawatomi

USS Secwepemc

USS Seminole

USS Shoshoni

USS Sioux

USS SItting Bull

USS Utrecht