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Clonox was a Bolian Starfleet officer serving in Starfleet until his death in 2374 duringOperation Return.

Over his career, he served a communications officer on three different vessels and space station, as well as commanding a destroyer and a cruiser.

Just prior to the outbreak of hostilities with the Dominion he relinquished command of Starbase 45 for a promotion to Rear Admiral and command of the 101st Tactical Wing.

Dominion War[]

He was present at the Federation-Klingon Alliance's first official action of the war, the raid on Toros III with the USS Jefferson serving as his flagship.  ("Declaration")

He brought Nikolas Stone aboard the Jefferson for lunch and to brief him on his mission to evacuate Starbase 341.  ("A Starbase Too Far")

He was killed along with the rest of Jefferson's crew during Operation Return.  ("Operation Return")

He was succeeded as commander of the 101st by Stone.  ("Familiar Faces")

By 2400 an Aegean class heavy frigate had been named for him.