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The Constellation class starship was a Starfleet Light Cruiser and Deep Space Explorer serving in Starfleet from the late 23rd century through the 24th century.

USS Nelson.jpg

Originally designated a long range, deep space explorer and cruiser in her original configuration, they recieved a class wide major refit in 2291.

Subsequent vessels were built to the upgraded specifications and style.

By the 2350s the majority of the class had been decommissioned, and those that were left in service were in support roles and using salvaged parts from the inactive vessels. However, in preparation for the Dominion War all active vessels were heavily upgraded to serve as Light Cruisers and eighteen other vessels were recommissioned into the fleet and designated Frigates.

After the Dominion War, at least half of the clas were decommissoined, they're parts used to keep the others in service. in the deimated Fleet.

Deck Chart[]

Constellation cutaway.jpg

Deck 1 - Bridge

Deck 2 -

Deck 3 - Executive Mess

Deck 4 - Quarters, Phaser Battery

Deck 5 - Computer Core

Deck 6 - Computer Core

Deck 7 - Computer Core, Arboretum

Deck 8 - Sickbay, Shuttlebay, Computer Core, Cargo Deck, Arboretum

Deck 9 - Shuttlebay, Computer Core, Cargo Deck

Deck 10

Deck 11

Deck 12

Deck 13

Deck 14

Deck 15

Known Vessels[]

USS Constellation 

USS Antiope 

USS Hathaway 

USS Stargazer

USS Magellan 

USS Starquest

USS Windhoek 

USS Gettysburg 

USS Leipzig 

USS Blazer 

USS Victory 

USS Nebula 

USS Gibraltar