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The D'deridex class heavy warbird formed the core of the Romulan Star Nay's fleets beginning with its introduction in 2349.

A direct descendant of the Argus class warbirds of the 23rd century, it was considered a more refined line of vessels and improved on most of its predecessor's abilities.

1,260 meters long with 83 decks, it was the largest vessel in the Empire until the Vereleus class dreadnoughts arrived in 2371.  Among that space served roughly seventeen hundred crew, and could house another 6,200 passengers comfortably, and cram a total of 10,500 if needed.

Type L Disrupters and Class XIV Plasma Torpedoes made of its armaments, with Type R-IV Shields protecting it.

It could travel at warp 9.2 for a maximum 6 hours, and maneuver at sublight speeds of up to .85c.

In 2378 a class-wide upgrade was scheduled.

Known Vessels[]

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