Hailee Steinfeld (Berlin Film Festival 2011) (cropped)

Hailee Steinfeld as Dalet

Dalet was a Vulcan who served in Starfleet during the latter part of the 24th century.

Early LifeEdit

Early in her childhood her parents betrothed her to an albino Vulcan named Jobe.

In 2370 she ernolled in Starfleet Academy as an Operations cadet.


At one point during her sophmore year she rejected Logic, becoming a v'tosh ka'tur. In late 2372 she was set to finally wed Jobe when the USS Lionheart  arrived on Vulcan during its publicity tour.  ("Ponn Farr")

Commissioned a year early in September of 2373 in preparation for hostilities with the Dominion, Ensign Dalet served aboard Starbase 16 during the war.

By 2376 she held the rank of Lieutenant and was assigned to the USS Gorkon as the ship's Operations Officer.

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