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David Mitchell was a Starfleet Engineering Officer in the 24th century.

Early Life[]

Mitchell was born on Earth in 2346.

His mother, Laurie, worked as a senior maintenance technician on Earth's moon's pressure domes.  He traveled with her back and forth for much of his childhood and worked on them himself for eight months before reporting to Starfleet Academy.  She had a private shuttle pod, and he learned to pilot as a teenager.

Starfleet Academy[]

Mitchell enrolled in Starfleet Academy in 2364 as an Engineering Cadet, majoring in spaceframe design and construction.

In 2366 he served his cadet cruise aboard USS Virotutis, visiting Napea and Zald.  He also participated warp field tests during his time there.

He graduated in 2367 and attended Tactical Ordnance Training on Mars before being assigned to the USS Bering.

Starfleet Officer[]

Upon being assigned to the Bering, he found himself assigned to several security away teams due to his ordnance skills while the destroyer patrolled the Federation-Cardassian border.

He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2369 and took eight days shore leave on Tiburon.  When he returned he was surprised to find that he had been picked to serve shifts at various posts on the bridge.  Commander Jezebel Lyons explained that she saw great potential in him, and would endorse a transfer to the Command branch if he wanted.

USS Lionheart[]

In late 2372 he came aboard the USS Lionheart as Assistant Chief Engineer.  ("New Blood")

After Roger Deict's conviction for treason in 2373, he was promoted to Lieutenant and the Lionheart's Chief Engineer. 

That same year, while taking shore leave on Risa he met Janet Picard.  The two would begin a romantic relationship shortly after. 

While on Risa he participated in a mission for Starfleet Intelligence.("Risan Holiday")

In 2373 the shuttle he, O'Rourke and Flame were traveling crash-landed.  He was badly injured in the crash.  ("Survival")

LUG Trek Stats[]

Athletics  2

Soccer  4
Running  3

Command  1

Starship  2

Computer  2

Modeling  3

Culture  2

Human  3

Demolitions  1

Shipboard  2

Dodge  3

Energy Weapon  1

Phaser 3
Phaser Rifle 2

Heavy Weapons  1

Phaser Artillery  2

History  1

Federation  2
Human  2


Federation Standard 3
Tiburon 1

Law  1

Starfleet  2

Material Engineering  1

Civil  2
Spaceframe  2
Structural  2

Physical Sciences  1

Physics  2

Planetary Survival  1

Mountains  2

Planetary Tactics  1

Small Unit  2

Propulsion Engineering  1

Warp Drive  3

Shipboard Systems  2

Flight Control  3
Sensors  4
Tactical  3

Space Science  1

Astrogation  2

Starship Tactics  1

Cardassian  2

Systems Engineering  2

Weapons  3

Vehicle Operations 1

Shuttlecraft  2
Shuttle Pod  2
Workbee  2

World Knowledge  1

Earth  3
Napea  2
Sol IIIA   2
Tiburon  2
Zald  2