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Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine, originally a Cardassian mining station in orbit of Bajor, was a space station at the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole and the gateway to the Gamma Quadrant.

In 2376 the station was officially transferred to Starfleet as part of a new treaty which saw several starships transferred to the reinstated Bajoran Space Guard.

Commodore Nikolas Stone assumed command of the newly transferred station that same year and began running it as a Starfleet station, with a wholly Starfleet crew.

When the transfer occurred, the Ferengi Embassy to Bajor was forced to move to Bajor, though Quark's remained in business.

The IKS Nay'par was attached to the station as the Klingon Defense Forces contribution to defending against any new Gamma Quadrant threats like the Rotarran had been previously.

The new status of Deep Space Nine saw more improvements and upgrades to the station, including more embarked craft, four type 2 drydocks, and a tachyon detection grid.

In 2377 construction began on the Navigatori class Hathaway.

Command Crew (2376)Edit

Commodore Nikolas Stone - Commanding Officer

Commander Abigail Harris - Executive Officer

Master Chief Greko Pa Thuk - Command Master Chief

Commander Soref Paniv - Strategic Operations Officer/Flight Operations Officer

Lieutenant Commander Thomas Fitzgerald - Science Officer

Lieutenant Commander Phillip Carter - JAG Officer

Lieutenant Commander Sleela Yevof - Diplomatic Officer

Lieutenant Julian Bashir - Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Charles Jiminez - Chief of Security

Lieutenant Preme - Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Drakken - Operations Officer

Lieutenant Prud - Administrative Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Erzi Dax - Counselor

Notable InhabitantsEdit

Colonel Kira Nerys - Bajoran Militia Liason

Major Tern Bajil - Bajoran Space Guard Liason

la' Fenirilka - Klingon Defense Force Liason

Centurion Thoren - Romulan Star Navy Liason

Captain Gregor Clendenin - United Federation Merchant Marine Representative

Lieutenant Junior Grade Josefina Cespedes - Commander of the runabout Somme

Support VesselsEdit

USS Defiant

USS Rio Grande

USS Rubicon


USS Indus

USS Volga

USS Somme

IKS Nay'par

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