Dennis Decker was Human serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

He came from a long line of Deckers serving in Starfleet and was the grandson of Matthew Decker and nephew of Willard.

He had a brother Keith, who was two years older than him as well as two children with his wife Anne, Stacey and Matthew.

He and his family lived on Earth in the city of San Fransisco on the famously crooked Lombard Street, though he was away from them the majority of the time.

In 2343 he was assigned to Vulcan and temporarily moved his family to the planet.

He was promoted to Captain in 2345 and assumed command of the destroyer Afridi.

Stacey lived aboard the vessel for five months prior to enrolling in Starfleet Academy.

By 2373 he held the rank of Vice Admiral and visited Matthew at Starfleet Academy on Parent's Day.

He married his daughter to Nikolas Stone in 2377.  ("Wedding Bells")

On stardate 55012.1 he was part of a secret cabal of Starfleet Admirals who met to discuss Kathryn Janeway's fate.

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