Tom Hiddleston as Doleo

Doleo was a hybrid (3/4 Human, 1/4 Vulcan) who served in Starfleet as a Security Officer during the 24th century.

His one quarter Vulcan ancestry gave him slight points to his ears, but he lacked any psychic abilities.

He was raised between Earth and Aldebaran III.

Prior to being promoted to Commander he had uncovered three Tal Shiar cells operating within the Federation.

In 2371 he was leading a Special Investigative Unit to investigate an assassination attempt on Fleet Captain Eliot Fanon on Inu Tonstu.

He was aboard Starbase 39-Sierra while talks were underway with command level officers of the Romulan Star Navy regarding Emerson Ames.  ("Aiding & Abetting")

After the USS Lionheart turned the OMS Kamerian and it crew over to Starfleet Security, he pushed to interrogate several memebers of the crew, namely Lieutenants Christoffer Williams and Seff O'Rourke.  ("Horse Trading")

During the Battle of Psellus he petitioned to be placed in command of the Lionheart, due to its CO and XO not being aboard.  Fleet Captain Fanon denied the request, but put him in command of a three shuttle mission to reinforce the rebels in the Psellus' Swamps

In addition to his investigative unit and the trio of pilots, the type-6 shuttles carried eighteen security personnel from various ships under Fanon's command.  They sucessfully pierced the Romulan lines with no loss of life and linked up with the rebels in time to storm the Psellian capitol.  ("Armistice Part II")

All 24 members were awarded the Kragite Order of Heroism, though nine were posthumously, hainvg lost their lives during the fight to retake the caiptal.

During the Dominion War Doleo worked to find ways to uncover Founder infiltrators.  He was known to be a fan of the "use heavy stun and apologize later" camp.

By 2376 he had been promoted to Captain and his unit's size had been tripled, and was operating out of Starbase 332.

Special Investigative UnitEdit

Lieutenant Carla Rhiems

Chief Breff

Lieutenant Jobe - signals traffic analyst

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