Edward Jellico was a Human Starfleet Officer during the 24th century.

Ronny Cox as Edward Jellico

In 2369 he turned command of the USS Cairo over to Gedna Tachion before assuming command of the USS Enterprise-D briefly, after which Tachion retuned the ​Cairo ​to him.  (TNG: "Chain of Command, Part I", "Chain of Command, Part II")

By 2374 he had turned the ship over to Leslie Wong and held the rank of Rear Admiral , overseeing Starfleet operations in the former Thallonian Empire after shortly commanding Deep Space Five.

After the Cairo was destroyed by Dominion forces along the Neutral Zone he was among the attendees at a memorial service for her crew.  ("Cairo")

After the Dominion War he was transferred to a Starfleet Command staff position on Earth .

Rumors in 2378 had him in the running to be the next Commander In Chief .

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