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Egan Murdock was a Kelt living in the 24th century.

Born on New Ireland in 2296, over the course of his life he was an officer in the Keltic Militia, spy, smuggler, privateer and senator.

After attending university, in 2318 he was commissioned an Ensign in the Keltic Navy.

During his service he was posted to several ships on the Romulan border, rising to the rank of Commander and his final posting in the regular Fleet was as Executive Officer of a boomer. In 2325, instead of recieving a command he was transferred to Romulan counterintelligence.

He left the service in 2328, and spent two years piloting a cargo shuttle painted yellow and dubbed Rubber Ducky until he managed to scrape enough cash together to buy into a privateer ship.

In 2340 he won 15 strips of latinum, a full refueling of the Leprechaun's Lady and the Ferengi Pedara in a  game of tongo.

While leaving orbit of New Irleand in 2362 he saw a diplomatic shuttle being chased by a pair of sentry craft.  An escape pod ejected from it, and the sentries continued chasing the shuttle.  Bringing it aboard, he found a young Kelt nobleman aboard in need of asylum.

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