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The El Dorado class was a type of heavy frigate serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

Made up of a circular saucer section, short connecting inner hull, engineering hull and three dorsally mounted warp nacelles.

It carried a crew of 573, with room for 100 passengers, usually fighter pilots and their support personnel and could go upwards of 7500 in an emergency. 

They could handle warp 9.6 for twelve hours and maneuver at .9c impulse.

Designed in the same military vein as the Perimeter Defense Directive vessels, the El Dorado's also served in a carrier role like Akira's and Steamrunners.

The class entered full production in 2357 when USS El Dorado was officially commissioned, shortly followed by the USS Cibola.

At the outbreak of the Dominion War, it was the heaviest armed frigate in Starfleet, outmatching some light destroyers.

For defense, the class mounted four Type X phaser arrays and three high spread torpedo launchers.

Alex Rogan was part of the design team.

During the Dominion War El Dorado's served in crucial roles, notably at all three Battles of Vulcanis and the attempts to retake Betazed.

Known Vessels[]

USS El Dorado * USS Cibola * USS San Marino * USS Apara * USS Hunapu