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Eliot Fanon was a Human Starfleet Officer serving during the 24th century.

He was born in 2329 on Deneva II, and came from a long line of Starfleet Officers, stretching back before the founding of the Federation.  His maternal grandfather, Captain Lars Van Allsburg, was killed during theEarth-Romulan War.

At Starfleet Academy, he focused on Romulan tactics, society, and technology, though they had not been heard from since the Tomed Incident.  He was commissioned as an Ensign in 2341 and was assigned to the USS Montgomery as a helmsman.

After the loss of the USS Enterprise-C at Narenda III, he was quickly sought after as one of the few officers familiar with Romulan tactics.  He spent close to three decades assigned to the Neutral Zone in various assignments, eventually rising to command the First Fleet's flagship, the USS Himori and gaining the rank of Fleet Captain.

By early 2371 he had engaged Romulan vessels three times, two of which involved an exchange of weapons fire.  The last involved a running battle after being ambushed by three Star Navy vessels.

Prior to the Dominion War, he had turned down a promotion to flag officer twice but was forced to become a Commodore and lead a First Fleet Tactical Wing during the conflict.

LUG Trek Stats (2371)[]

Charm  2

Influence 3

Command 3

Starship 4

Culture 2

Human 3
Romulan 3

Diplomacy 2

Federation Affairs 3

Dodge 3

Energy Weapon 3

Phaser 4

Espionage 1

Counterintelligence 2

History 1

Human 2

Intimidation 2

Overawe 3


Federation Standard 3
Romulan 2

Life Sciences 2

Botany 3

Peronsal Equipment 2

Tricorder 3

Shipboard Systems 2

Command 4
Flight Control 3
Sensors 4

Social Sciences 1

Political Science 3

Starship Tactics 4

Planetary Support 5
Romulan 5

Strategic Operations 2

Neutral Zone Strategies 4

Systems Engineering 3

Computer 4

World Knowledge 2

Deneva II 3

Arguementative -1

Bold +1

Commendation (Medal of Honor) +

Resolute +3

Pormotion (Fleet Captain) +5