Elizabeth Decker was a reporter for the Federation News Service, covering Starfleet Command in 2371.

She was romantically involved with Gedna Tachion while he was an instructor at Starfleet Academy.  When he failed to inform her of transferring to the USS Lionheart and leaving Earth, she showed up at his condo the morning after a surprise congratulations party irate, resulting in the end of their relationship.  ("New Orders")

The FNS sent her to interview Tachion when the Lionheart 's 2373 publicity tour took it to Vulcan.

During the Dominion War, she covered ship launches among Utopia Planitia, The San Fransisco Fleet Yards, Cosmodrome, and Space Station McKinley.


Her father Keith was a Vice Admiral and commander of the Fifth Fleet's 43rd Tactical Wing, with the Wamabundu class USS Zulu as his flagship

She was paternal cousins with Stacey Decker and Matthew Decker.

LUG Trek Stats (2371)Edit


Administration 1

Starfleet 2

Artistic Expression 2

Video Reporting 3

Athletics 1


Computer 2

Research 3

Culture 2

Human 3
Starfleet 3

Fast Talk 3

History 2

Federation 3
Human 3
Recent 4
Starfleet 4


Federation Standard 3

Personal Equipment 2

Video Equipment 4

Social Science 2

Political 4

Streetwise 2

Locate Individuals 4

Vehicle Operations 1

Shuttlecraft 2

World Knowledge 2

Mars 3
Earth 4
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