Elsa Keil was a Starfleet Officer serving during the 24th century. She was widely known as a level headed and straight forward officer, in many ways the ideal Starfleet strove for.  

Her Starfleet career saw her as an engineer on a cruiser along the Cardassian border, a liason to a Vulcan diplomat and captain of a science vessel ona  deep space exploration mission.

By 2371 she was a Fleet Admiral and in command of the First Fleet, which she led from offices at Starbase 39-Sierra.

The USS Himori served as her flagship, and hse ahd a very good working relationship with its Captain, Eliot Fanon.  She was rarely aboard the heavy cruiser, and gave Fanon a large amount of leeway in her operations and missions.

She was not well versed in espionage matters, which allowed Doleo, her staff's Intelligence Officer, to run it as he saw fit.

On stardate 48531.8 she traveled to Starbase 25 abaord the USS Chinook to be present when the USS Lionheart brought a captured Romulan Warbird to the station.  ("Marie Celestial")

LUG Trek Stats (2371)Edit

Fitness 2

Vitality +1

Coordination 2

Reaction +1

Intellect 4

Logic +1

Presence 4

Empathy + 2
Willpower +2

Administraion 4

Fleet Movments 5

Athletics 2

Bowling 4

Charm 3

Influence 4

Command 5

Starship 6

Computer 2

Research 3

Culture 2

Human 3

Diplomacy 3

Federation Law 4

Espionage 1

Traffic Analysis 2


Arteline 3
Federation Standard 3
Harelian 2
Klingon 2
Romulan 2

Law 5

Starfleet 6

Persuaion 4

Oratory 6

Propulsion Engineering 3

Warp Drive 4

Shipboard Systems 3

Flight Control 4

Social Sciences 3

Sociology 3

Starship Tactics 3

Federation 4
Romulan 4

Strategic Operations 4

Neutral Zone 4

Vehicle Operations 2

Shuttle 4

World Knowledge 2

Earth 3

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