The Dur'nat class was a type of armed scout serving in the Cardassian Guard during the 24th century.

Launched in 2358 with input from the Federation-Cardassian War for reconnaissance missions deep behind enemy lines, Cardassian piots quickly fell in love with the small craft's speed, firepower, strong shields an exceptional maneuverability.

It was one of the heaviest cruisers the Cardassian Guard ever fielded, and one of the slowest.  313 meters long, it resembled the Galor class in many aspects but was broader at 157 meters and more compact.

A forward launcher with 30 hundred type II photon torpedoes, two Cheh'gesh class disrupter arrays forward and a trio of Ebshar aft made up its offensive armaments.  A class 3 shield generator protected the scouts.  This equipment gave it the ability to perform as a large fighter, that was unsurpassed in the Cardassian fleet until the arrival of the Hideki in 2370.

A crew of 6 manned the vessels, with room for another eight passengers.  Space could be made for a total of 36 beings onboard in an emergency, and all could be evacuated in its 10 four-person escape pods.

Its type 6C nacelles and class 5/H warp drive could propel the ships at warp 9.1 for eight hours or more, and the 4A impulse engines let it reach .85c.

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