Kiera Knightly as Erin Randall

Erin Randall was a Human Starfleet Officer during the 24th century.  

Born in 2343, she joined Starfleet as a Security Officer eighteen years later, serving her cadet cruise aboard the USS Crazy Horse. In the mid-2360's she was serving aboard as the USS Phoenix as the  Armory Officer, and along with the majority of the heavy cruiser's senior staff was cleared of any wrongdoing after Captain Benjamin Maxwell attacked several Cardassian vessels.

During the early days of the Dominion War, she was the Executive Officer of the USS Frederickson.

By 2374 she held the rank of Captain and was in command of the cruiser Potawatami.  She met with Gedna Tachion abord the USS Lionheart prior to taking part in a convoy fo reinforcements for the Sixth Fleet.  ("Reinforcements")

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