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Three days after Operation Return the USS Starquest is on patrol of the newly reestablished border with the Dominion.  Readings from a probe show a large number of different species, many of them Federation, as well as Klingon and Romulan.  However, a significant number are either Jem'hadar and Cardassian.  However, there are two Vulcanoid/Human hybrids.

In the wake of Rear Admiral Clonox's death aboard the Jefferson during the fighting at the edge of the Bajoran System Nikolas Stone has been given command of the 101st Tactical Wing.  Much needed repairs for ships of the line, as well as needed downtime for their crews, take much of his attention.  Noncombat vessels such as the Starquest and Lonestar are patrolling the newly established borders.

The Starquest's long-range sensors detect an anomaly  An unsettled planet containing a large variety of species belonging to the Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire , among others, alongside Jem'Hadar and Dominion.  Further investigation reveals that it seems to be a Prisoner of War Camp.

On the planet in question, Seff O'Rourke is fighting a Jem'Hadar "Alpha", and is on hands knees spitting blood.  He pulls a trick to defeat his opponenet and is stopped before he cna kill the Jem'Hadar.

Faking an engine malfunction, the ship puts out a distress call and the Lonestar arrives.  They report back to Stone that they cannot fix the probelm without a missing part, adnthe newly minted Commodore sends it in a runabout along with engineers, claiming he doens't have a faster ship free.

The Euphrates arrives, but instead of parts an engineers she's carrying Meridian Janos and squad of United Federation Marine Force Recon, led by Major Peter Madison.


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