On stardate 50890.6 the Nikolas Stone and Stacey Decker  took a runabout from Deep Space Five to Ivor Prime for five days of shore leave, staying at a cabin once owned by Roger Deict and left to Seff O'Rourke, who assumes command of the USS Lionheart.

Back at Deep Space Five a Borg Cube is detected by the USS Knox entering the Typhon Sector.  Fleet Admiral Skinner immediately starts moving his ships into a position to either destroy or delay the vessel, using the Nimitz as his flagship.  O'Rourke follows in command of the Lionheart, along with the Oi, and other ships join them enroute.

The cube is determine to be on a direct course for Ivor Prime.  Skinner sends the USS Yosemite, an aging Oberth class vessel with little combat ability, to aid in evacuation of the planet.  The cube arrives first and the vessel aborts its mission.  The USS Commanche, which had been pacing the Borg vessel at a safe distance makes a high speed warp run at the planet, beaming 85 colonists aboard.  On the surface, Stone and Decker beam up to their runabout, take ten colonists aboard and flee.

As the cube moves off the decimated world, Skinner attacks with fourteen vessels in two attack wings.  Meanwhile, the Yosemite returns, along with the courier Lear, to search for survivors on the planet.  The attack fails, with five ships being destroyed, three badly damaged and the Borg cube moving off.  Skinner rallied his remaining six vessels and attacked again, losing two more before breaking off.

His actions are credited with delaying the Borg cube long enough for a task force to assemble in the Sol System.


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