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Anthony Hopkins as George Foster

George Foster was a Human from Earth serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

During his career, he was awarded the Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Legion of Honor, the UFP Medal of Valor, Starfleet Medal of Honor and at least one Decoration for Gallantry.

Born in 2301 on Earth, Foster entered Starfleet Academy in 2319.

He graduated with honors in tactics and diplomacy in 2323.

By the age of 33, he had attained the rank of Captain and commanded numerous exploration missions.

In 2360 he assumed command of the USS Mowe and began a ten-year exploration mission, the longest continual mission Starfleet had ever embarked upon.  During the mission the Mowe encountered and established relations with several new species, fought minor skirmishes with Cardassian forces, charted and explored dozens of star systems, greatly expanded the network of subspace communications relays and gathered enough data to keep analysts busy for decades.

In 2370 the Mowe arrived at McKinley Station for a complete overhaul and massive crew rotation.  Upon arrival, Foster was promoted to Rear Admiral and offered the position of Superintendent of Starfleet Academy.  He selected Wilhelm Garrett as his adjutant when Gedna Tachion was unavailable.  ("New Orders")

When the USS Lionheart visited Earth in 2372 as the second stop of its publicity tour, he caught Tachion walking around the Academy campus.  The two had an in-depth conversation. ("001")

In 2373 he transferred to the post of Department Head of Astronomical Science Operations at Starfleet Command.

Operation Slingshot​[]


"Although I am a newcomer to the Starfleet Academy staff, and my position is only temporary, I feel in many ways I have never left these halls.  All my years serving in space remind me of the skills I first learned 'in my years as a Starfleet cadet.  Without the training and experience given to me by my academy instructors, I would never have achieved what I did as an explorer and representative of the Federation.  During my time as Superintendent, it is my goal to uphold the same values I learned when I was a cadet:  honor, knowledge, and excellence!" 

LUG Trek Stats[]

Administration 2

Academic  3 
Starship  4

Command  4

Starship  5

Computer  1 

Programming  2

Culture  2 

Human  3

Diplomacy  2

Intergalactic Law  4

Dodge  2

Energy Weapon  2

Phaser  3

History  1

Human  2
Federation  2


Cardassian 2 
Federation Standard  3
Romulan  1

Law  2 

Starfleet  3

Personal Equipment  1 

Tricorder  2

Planetside Survival  2 

Mountain  3

Shipboard Systems  2

Command  4
Flight Control  3

Space Science  2

Astrogation  5
Astronomy  4

Starship Tactics 3

Cardassian  4

Unarmed Combat  2

Starfleet Martial Arts  3

Vehicle Operations  2

Shuttlecraft  3

World Knowledge  1 

Earth  2