Gowron was a Klingon politician in the 24th century.

The only child of M'rel, he inherited his House and seat on the Klingon High Council.  He renamed it for himself upon his father's death.

He was considered a schemer and manipulator by many, but not to his face.  While he had only briefly served in the Klingon Defense Force, he was a warrior on par with the best the Empire had to offer.

He had a pair of twin sons in 2348, and while unusual for Klingons, both survived.  His wife, however, did not.

In 2367 he was one of two contenders to succeed Chancellor K'mpec to lead the Klingon Empire.  With the indirect aid of Jean Luc Picard and Worf of the USS Enterprise-D, he emerged the victor, but the incident would lead to the Klingon Civil War.

The two would again aid him in winning the war, but ever the opportunist he made sure that Federation help in both situations was never recorded in Klingon history.

He initially led the Klingon Empire's invasion of the Cardassian Union from the center seat of the IKS Negh'var, but after the first few battles he turned it over to one of his trusted generals and returned to Ty'Gokor.

He felt that General Martok was stealing his glory during the Dominion War, and returned to the Negh'var personally command Klingon forces.   Unfortunately for him, that while he could wield weapons and inspire his fellow Klingons with words he was no general on such a scale.  And while it could not be proven that he put Martok in a situation to be killed or that he was purposefully throwing away ships and lives, Worf had enough and challenged him to a duel.  It was a hard-pressed fight, but Gowron fell to a broken piece of Worf's bat'leth.  The Starfleet officer turned down the Chancellorship and laid it on a reluctant Martok.

Instead of taking up his seat on the High Council, his sons seized Ty'Gokor and the Negh'var in fear for their lives and blockaded themselves at the fortress for three years.  ("Wedding Dk'taghs")

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