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Amber Heard as Gretel Vadnermark

Gretel Vandermark was a Human born in 2346 on Earth.

She was born on Earth, educated in Berlin and Munich and in 2368 became the research assistant to Doctor Gustav Kregan on his orbital station at the Relva IV Reseach Station.

Two months prior to kregan bringing his sensor system aboard the USS Lionheart to test, the Tal Shiar kidnapped her and replaced her with their Barolian agent Greva.  ("Armistice Part II")

In 2372 Starfleet Intelligence concluded she had been murdered by the Tal Shiar.

LUG Trek Stats (2371)[]

Administartion 2

Bureaucratic Manipulation 5

Athletics 2

Softball 3

Computer 2

Research 4

Culture 2

Human 3

History 1

Federation 2


Federation Standard 2
German 1

Physical Science 2

Mathematics 4
Particle Physics 4
Transporter Theory 3

Shipboard Systems 1

Sensors 3
Transporters 2

Systems Engineering 2

Sensors 4
Transporters 3

World Knowledge 1

Earth 2