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Amber Heard as Greva

Greva was a Barolian that served the Tal Shiar as an undercover agent in the 24th century.

Like most Barolians, she had a twin sister Aleva.

Two months prior to stardate , she went undercover as Gretel Vandermark a research assistant to DoctorGustav Kregan, who was working on a sensor system to detect cloaked vessels.

While enroute to Starbase 39-Sierra she flirted with Starfleet Officer Jose-Maria Juarez in order to learn information about the system he and Satchio Nakamura had designed.  Her charm attempts failed on the Vulcan scientist Sarok during the journey aboard the USS Bradbury.

She tried held O'Rourke as a hostage and demanded she and Sarok be put into a shuttle and allowed to depart.  Instead Meridian Janos stunned O'Rourke, and then her as the D'Varin attacked the Lionheart.

With his ship badly damaged, Gedna Tachion was forced to allow her and Sarok to be transported aboard the Romulan vessel.  ("Blinded by Science")

She returned to Tal Shiar headquarters in triumph, and was reunited with her sister.  The pair were later assigned to live in Senator Kassus' estate as domestic servants.

When Tachion's covert ops team was captured on Romulus, she was still at the estate and aided in their escape and transport to theRomulan Senate chambers.  They were later granted amnesty in the Federation.  ("Armistice Part II")

LUG Trek (2371)[]

Charm 3

Seduction 5

Computer 2

Hacking 3
Research 4

Culture 2

Barolian 3

Disguise 3

Human 4

Dodge 3

Energy Weapon 2

Disruptor 4

Espionage 3

Covert Communications 4
Intelligence Techniques 4

History 1

Barolian 2
Federation 2


Barolian 2
Federation 2

Primitive Weaponry 1

Knife 2

Search 2

Security 1

Security Systems 3

Shipboard Systems 3

Communications 4

Stealth 3

Stealthy Movement 4

Systems Engineering 3


Unarmed Combat 1

Romulan Martial Arts 4

Vehicle Operations 2

Shuttlecraft 4

World Knowledge 1

Barol 2
Earth 2

Excellent Metabolism +1

Dark Secret (Romulan Spy) -2

Dependent (Sister) -2