Star Trek: The Lionhearted Wiki

Gustav Kragen was a Human scientist speciailizing in mathematics and techology during the 24th century.

He was born on Earth in Germany in 2299.

In the 2362, disgusted with the lack of recognition he was recieving from the mainstream Federation science community, he took his work to the isolated Relva IV Research Station.  Six years later he allowed Gretel Vandermark to join him as a research assistant.

By 2371 he had been working on transporter theory for over 40 years, and Starfleet chose then to show interest in one of his projects, a sensor system to detect cloaked vessels.  It sent the USS Bradbury to ferry him the system and his assistant to Starbase 39-Sierra where a starship would be assigned to test his system and two others.

Whilke enroute Gretel annoyed hjim by flirting with a Starfleet Officer, but he was enraged when he felt that Satchio Nakamura had stolen his design and told her as much.

LUG Trek Stats (2371)[]

Administration 2

Bureaucratic Manipulation 4

Computer 4

Simulation/Modeling 5

Culture 2

Human 3

History 1

Human 2
Science 2

Intimidation 2

Bluster 4


Federation Standard 2
German 2

Physical Science 4

Mathematics 5
Particle Theory 6
Transporter Theory 5

Shipboard Systems 2

Sensors 5

Space Sciences 3

Astrophysics 4

Systems Engineering 2

Sensors 5
Transpoter 5

World Knowledge 1

Earth 2

Engineering Aptitude +3

Intolerant (Incompetents) -3

Poor Sight -2