Robert Duvall as Hank Evans

Hank Evans was a Starfleet Security Officer, serving for much of the 24th century.

Early LifeEdit

Evans was born in St. Louis, Missouri on Earth in 2319.

Starfleet OfficerEdit

Evans was commissioned as an Ensign in 2341, graduating 354th out of the 3,029 cadets that year.

He retired from Starfleet prior to 2373 with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

He came out of retirement in 2374 and was assigned to work with Lieutenant Commander Seff O'Rourke and Major Peter Madison in the Sixth Fleet's Special Operations unit by Commodore Nikolas Stone. He claimed they needed adult supervision

He led the assault force that seized Geltrik Nor. ("Narkonna")

He transferred to a search and rescue operation after the disappearance of the USS Beaumont and his friend Jack McCall.

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