Han Zakerian was Human Starfleet Officer serving in during the 24th century.

He was nicknamed "Sneezy" for his frequent allergies, though he was never called this to his face.  A sickly child, he was determined to overcome his early illnesses and other problems and become a Starfleet Officer, being accepted into Starfleet Academy in 2341 after two previous attempts.

He began his career in Security, forcing his body to deal with survival situations and mastering hand to hand combat disciplines.  He was considered one of the most knowledgeable officers in Starfleet Martial Arts.

During his career he visisted dozens of worlds, led away team missions in environments ranging from desert heat to artic cold, rocky mountains to overgrown jungles.

He led a covert operation on Aldos II to aid its native inhabitants in fneding off Cardassian occupiers.

Prior to transferring from starship duty, he aided a Cardassian girl named Zeela and her mother in defecting to the Federation.

By 2369 he was an instructor at Starfleet Academy, specializing in survival courses, with a reputation for making them interesting.

In 2362 he was serving aboard the USS Rutledge when the Cardassian Union attacked the Federation colony of Setlik III.  He recieved a commendation and promotion to Lieutenant Commander for his actions during the battle.

That year Gimel Squad attended his jungle surival course.  ("Survival Test")


     "For all the great technology and resources at the command of Starfleet, crew members often find themselves with nothing more to rely on than their training, experience and the natural resources around them.  It is vital for Starfleet officers to know how to survive under such conditions, and how to assist others to help them endure.  Better for students to learn some harsh lessons in survival at the Academy than to learn them out in the field graduation."

LUG Trek StatsEdit

Administration 2

Academics 3
Starship 3

Command 2

Military Instruction 3

Computer Programming 2

Programming 3

Culture 1

Aldosian 2
Human 3

Dodge 2

Energy Weapon 2

Phaser 4
Phaser Rifle 3

History 2

Federation 2


Aldos II 3


Aldosian 2
Cardassian 2
Federation Standard 3

Law 2

Starfleet 3

Life Sciences 1

Botany 2

Personal Equipment 1

Tricorder 2

Planetary Survival 3

Desert 5
Jungle 4
Mountain 4
Urban 6

Shipboard Systems 2

MIssion Ops 3
Tactical 4

Starship Tactics 2

Cardassian 4
Federation 3

Streetwise 1

Locate Contraband 2

Unarmed Combat 4

Akido 5
Krav Maga 5
Starfleet Martial Arts 6

Vehicle Operations 2

Ground Vehicles 3
Shuttlecraft 4

World Knowledge 1

Earth 2
Aldos 2

Alertness +2

Code of Honor (Starfleet) -4

Commendation (UFP Medal of Honor) +3

Medical Problems (Allergies) -2

Obligation (Zeela) -2

Pormotion (Commander) +

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