Harry Morrow

Robert Hooks as Harry Morrow

Harold "Harry" Morrow was a Starfleet officer serving in the 23rd century.

Until  November of 2285 he was Commander in Chief of Starfleet. 

He had a twenty-five year long friendship with James Kirk, having served together before his friend took command of the USS Enterprise.

He comducted an inspection of the ​Enterprise after repairs from its battle with the USS Reliant were completed.  During the inspection he informed Kirk that the ship was to be decommissioned.  He later denied his request too take the ship back to the Genesis Planet to seach for Spock's katra.

When Kirk stole the Enterprise​ from Spacedock he hailed the ship on the emergency channel and ordered him to surrender.

Shortly after turning his CinC duties over to his sucessor Lance Cartwright, he took command of the USS Coshise to rescue the crew of the transport Kismet.

He retired from Starfleet in 2286.

In 2291 he joined a group of influential Federation citizens for a meeting with Klingon General Navok to try to discuss how to avoid a future war.  Sarek and Gorkon had privately sponsored the meeting.

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