Heimdall Station, originally called Gamma Station, was a space station constructed at the Gamma Quadrant terminus of the Bajoran wormhole shortly after the Dominion War.

A repurposed relay station, it was modified to house a crew of seventy-three, host two shuttlecraft and four Starfleet Attack Fighters, with advanced sensor equipment.  Its weapons, consisting of phaser cannons and micro quantum torpedoes could be set too full automation to cover an evacuation.

Shortly after its construction a series of sensor buoys were placed out from it, extending its long-range sensor capability to by six light years.

The shuttlepod Sif was assigned to the station in 2376.

In November of 2377, the USS Oglala resupplied the station.

Mission ProfileEdit

  • Provide warning of a renewed Dominion invasion
  • Boost communications for Starfleet operations between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants
  • Inspect and enforce customs on vessels traveling between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants

Crew BreakdownEdit

Command - 3

Medical - 5

Security - 9

Engineering - 12

Navigation - 2

Science - 14

VBSS - 35

Bajoran Space Guard - 3

Initial CrewEdit

Kira Nerys - Commanding Officer

Atag - Executive Officer

Rehloss Ch'otaasrk  - Second Officer/Chief of Security

Candace Means - Chief Engineer

Sohali Amini  Amini - Science Officer

Kavi Tiwana - Chief Medical Officer

Perrine Crozier - Command Chief Petty Officer

Andre Stellwagen - Flight Wing Commander, Five

Vazyeir  - Fighter Pilot, Six

Emuna Shameel - Fighter Pilot, Seven

Darisse Beausejour - Fighter Pilot, Eight

Emyo Sowog - Bajoran Space Guard Liason

Yedar - United Federation Marine Corps VBSS Team NCOIC

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